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Bespoke Acrylic Letters 

Advertising boards are of many types and they can have text, graphics, or both. Such boards include LED boards, neon signs, glow boards, acrylic LED boards, and many others. LED board consists of a light-emitting diode display, which consists of light-emitting diodes. There are many benefits of these signboards, which are discussed here. Promo Signs is a company, which provides signboards with 3D acrylic letters London. Our clients can ask us for colored or black and white letters and the way they should be arranged on the signboard. We are always available for clients and can help them in their business promotion.

We offer 3D acrylic letters with customized options, which can be used for various types of applications. These letters can give emphasis on various aspects of a business. The brand name can be printed in the most stylish manner on the signboard.

Acrylic Letters London

Acrylic Letters in London 

Benefits of the signage made using acrylic letters.

  • Durability

The life of the LED boards is very long and 3D acrylic letters London is used to displaying the text in these boards. The life of these boards is three to six years and there is no gas in it. Because of this, the light does not become dim.

  • Glow signboards can be used easily.acrylic letters London

These signboards can be easily operated with the help of Windows-based computers and LED display boards. People can post any type of data during day or night and it will be displayed on the board. The boards also save energy and help the organization in getting publicity easily.

  • Circulation of messages

If an organization or shop is using ordinary signboards, only one message can be displayed. But LED ones can be used to display various kinds of messages. These boards can be programmed in such a way that they can display variety of messages. People need to delete or add messages on the system and that will be visible on the board.

  • Acrylic Letters London 

The LED display boards are available with the resolution of P1 to P10. The images are very clear and there are no worries of distance or location. These boards can be used in seminars, conferences, and other places.

3D acrylic letters we use come with many features like scratch resistance, attractive design, weather-resistant, and many others. The thickness of the letters can be customized as per the requirement of the client. All these features are available at affordable cost.

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