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Backlight Film is a thin, plastic type material that is ideal for displays that will be seen during the day or at night. Best suited for lightboxes which sandwich the print between acrylic sheets.

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Backlit Printing in London

Making use of backlit printing in London can lead to some truly inspiring and spectacular signs. Using our services, you can print on backlit film and, with the help of our team, come up with your own show stopping signs for your business. Backlit works by incorporating a light source that illuminates the sign from the back, which gives the overall image a much sharper definition, making it ideal for low light or dark surroundings. Our London printing services incorporate backlit designs, and we have a number of options and choices ranging from materials to the kind of finish that will best suit your needs.backlit posters printing london

The most common businesses to make use of backlit film are large department stores, airports, salons and beauty and nail bars. You can also find backlit advertisements on many bus stops around London, and these examples serve to show how effective and common backlit signage is. It also highlights how beneficial it can be to any business. There are a variety of options concerning print on backlit film, with both UV ink available for outdoor use, and dye inks generally being the best choice for indoor use. The lettering can be achieved in one of two ways as well, with printing on the backlit film itself as one option. Alternatively, Perspex lettering can be cut out and placed in front of the back light itself.

Backlit Poster Printing

There is also another option with regards to backlit posters printing  which incorporates the use of computer data. As opposed to using a traditional slide or photograph, along with the intermediary materials such as film negatives or plates, the data file allows a much more direct approach and solution. This has a few advantages, particularly the fact that turnaround time is lowered. Additionally, production costs are much lower, thanks to the fact that software is much easier and faster to edit than film negatives. This means that you can really tweak and alter your design as you see fit, without having to worry about any revisions causing delays.

Digital backlit poster printing London can also be used for short runs of colour printing, which is another reason it is so cost effective. There is also no constraints in terms of minimum required runs, which means as little or as much as you need can be produced for a very cost effective investment. Regardless of whether you choose to print on backlit film digitally or traditionally, the Promo Signs team is ready and on hand to help with all your setup, printing and installation needs in a professional and friendly manner.

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