Battery Operated Signs London

There are many types of buildings where exit sign is needed. This helps the people to exit the building along a pathway. There are many state laws in America that make it mandatory to have exit signs on important location of the premises. These signs help the people to vacate the building if there is an emergency. Promo Signs provides various kinds of battery powered signs in London and people can come to us with their requirements. We provide the battery powered signs, which can be installed easily and no professional is needed for the purpose. Clients can opt for wired or wireless signs.

Battery Powered Signs UK

Installing the battery powered sign is easy as no wiring is used and no professional is needed to install the sign. One of the disadvantages of these signs is that installation on high level and in inaccessible areas cannot be done. Since batteries are to be replaced frequently, so they have to be installed in such places that are easily accessible.

Battery Powered Signs London

These exit signs can run either through electricity or through the battery. Besides these, self-luminous signs are also available. People do not prefer battery operated signs London because of its high maintenance cost in spite of the fact that the installation cost is very low. The maintenance cost is high because batteries need to be replaced frequently.

We provide these signs at an affordable cost and according to the client requirement. We have readymade battery signs which can also be customized according to the customers. The battery of these signs can be charged with the help of electricity. If there is a power cut, the signs have the capability to glow for approximately ninety minutes. These signs are available in the form of self-luminescent and photo luminescent.

Advantages of battery powered signs offered by us

Here are some of the advantages of battery operated signs.

  • No electricity is required

There are many buildings, which have limited electricity supply. These signs are beneficial, as they do not need any power to operate.

  • Money and time is saved

No wiring or other additional things are required to install it so they can be installed easily without spending a lot of time and money.

  • Can be installed anywhere

Since these are cordless so they can be installed anywhere.

An extensive variety of battery powered signs London options are available to you. Send an email either call us and we will be pleased to amaze you with our handling of your enquiry.

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