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Are you setting up an exhibit at ExCel, the 100-acre international venue in East London that is well-known as the premier convention centre for commercial owners? Setting up an eye-catching backdrop is necessary, and we have just the solution for you.

Promo Signs offers professionally designed curved fabric backdrops that will serve as a visual focal point, garnering the attention of your attendees. Their sleek curvature, high functionality, and budget-friendly manufacturing costs make them a highly popular choice among business owners for advertising and exhibition displays. Promo Signs promises to deliver a visually striking and dynamic backdrop that adds dimension and depth to your exhibit space.

How To Design Your Curved Fabric Backdrop?

Curved backdrops should be meticulously crafted since they set the overall tone of your event space. Most of the initial attention will be on how well you have set up your exhibit space, and you want every second to count. A well-designed curved tension fabric display is key.


  • Ensure your backdrop is accurately sized. We typically make our curved tension fabric displays at least 8 feet tall to accommodate all guests.
  • The business logo should be placed at the top so passersby can easily spot who you are representing.
  • The font should be legible and sharp, even from a distance. 
  • The backdrop should have a consistent theme that does not clash with the theme of your booth. It should further harmonize well with your brand logo and thematic design.


If you don’t have a professionally designed artwork in mind, leave it to us! Our team of in-house designers will craft your artwork from scratch while keeping in mind your event theme, targeted audience, and brand colours.


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How To Order Your Curved Tension Fabric Display?

Working with Promo Signs means simplifying your tension fabric display project. You can have your tailored backdrop delivered and ready for assembly in just a few simple steps:


  1. Select the product you wish to order. Then, connect with our team to share the details of your order, including your desired size, frame shape, fabric type, and more.
  2. Our team, in turn, will provide you with an ETA alongside a detailed quote. Once you accept the provided quote, we begin working on your project.
  3. You can either send in your artwork or rely on us to create a custom fabric backdrop. Our designer’s artwork is first sent for your approval before we begin printing.
  4. Once your final product is ready, we ship it to your commercial office or event space, where you can instantly set it up!

Why Choose Promo Signs?

Promo Signs is one of London’s leading fabric backdrop manufacturers, offering curved and straight fabric backdrop manufacturing services. We have been working in the field for over 15 years and have the required expertise to take the lead on your tension fabric display project. Here is what we offer:

  • 100% Tailored solutions
  • Quality materials
  • Quick delivery
  • 24/7 customer support

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Whether you need a curved fabric backdrop for your red-carpet event, industry trade show, or your next commercial conference, Promo Signs offers you bespoke backdrops that will always impress. Reach out to get started!

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