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Promo Signs Exhibition Backdrop for ExCel Events in London

Public exhibitions are the ideal events for gaining extra clients and boosting your brand’s visibility to fresh prospects. Promo Signs exhibition backdrop services are available for commercial owners who dream of acing their next exhibition at ExCel, London. Our exhibition backdrops will make your exhibition space shine. They will serve as attractive, alluring displays that immerse your audience and draw attendees to your booth.

We specialize in everything signage, including exhibition signs that allow you to present your brand at trade shows. Thanks to their easy-to-set-up nature, our exhibition backdrops are ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. They can also be scaled to your exhibition space’s square footage.

Alluring Custom Designed Exhibition Backdrops

The most crucial aspect of your exhibition backdrop is its creative design. Without compelling, crisp artwork printed over your exhibit booth backdrop, you won’t be able to make a memorable impression. Promo Signs’s professional team of in-house designers is adept at crafting unique, one-of-a-kind artworks for your backdrop that factor in your brand theme, brand message, and display vision in mind. Even if you do not have artwork ready to share with us, our team will have one prepared for you on request.

Our Exhibitions Backdrop Services

Explore Promo Signs’ exhibitions backdrop services:

1.   Straight Fabric Backdrops

Our straight fabric backdrops are ideal for those who wish for a quality backdrop on a budget. They are also reusable, versatile, easy to set up, and highly portable. They incorporate wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable printed fabric over lightweight metal or PVC frames.

2.   Curved Fabric Backdrops

Curved fabric backdrops are a variation of our straight fabric backdrops. Unlike their counterparts, they feature frames that curve inwards at each end. This allows you to better define your exhibition area with a sleek, one-of-a-kind backdrop.

3.   Pop Up Backdrops

Pop-up backdrops are lightweight, compact systems that are quick and easy to set up. They feature a collapsible pop-up frame that can be stretched out to its full size, over which the vinyl sheets of your backdrop are placed. The frames can then be unpacked back into their compact shape for easy transport over long distances.

Our Exhibitions Signs Will Highlight Your Vibrant Designs Perfectly!

Why Choose Promo Signs?

Promo Signs is one of the leading signage and exhibition backdrop display manufacturers in and around London, offering services to large and small commercial owners.

We create beautiful, personalized trade fair exhibition backdrops to help you stand out at ExCel. Our team takes special care to personalize your backdrop so it inspires and invokes the outcome you anticipate from your exhibit. Whether you want to market a new product or showcase your service offerings, Promo Signs’ exhibition backdrop will help you achieve your vision.

Promo Signs offers an all-in-one solution with an in-house printing and graphic design team so you can have your backdrop manufactured and delivered in no time at all!

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Get your brand the proper media exposure through our bespoke exhibition backdrop services. Setting up an exhibition space at ExCel means competing against hundreds of competitors under one roof. A well-designed backdrop is an essential tool that will help you stand out. Connect with our team to discover how!

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