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Effective exhibition backdrops are the tools that set you apart from your competitors at Olympia tradeshows and conferences. They attract tradeshow-goers and compel them to visit your booth and explore your service offerings. Promo Signs offers bespoke exhibition backdrop services that get your brand message out to a broader pool of prospective clients.

Our exhibition backdrop services take into account your target demographic, brand tone and message, and your desired visual before crafting a backdrop that clearly portrays your brand. Exhibitions should be seen as visual cold-calling events; whoever can make a stronger impression, wins! We simply help you create that strong impression.

Choosing The Right Exhibition Backdrop

Promo Signs’ professional exhibition backdrops will allow you to introduce yourself effectively to your audience and emphasize why you are a competitive choice. Here are some factors you must consider when ordering an exhibition backdrop display.


1.   Size

Your exhibition backdrop should be at least 8 to 10 feet in height so it can accommodate individuals of all sizes. You can send us your precise measurements of your exhibition space, and we will provide you with the best-fitting exhibition backdrop accordingly.


2.   Type

We offer a diverse portfolio of backdrop types, from straight and curved backdrops to fabric and vinyl displays. You can discuss your event vision and your budgetary details so we may suggest the most fitting type for your brand.


3.   Design

Your exhibition backdrop design is what will help you stand out. Designing your exhibition backdrop means considering the typography, colour palette, and graphics. The information must be displayed, but unless it draws your audience visually, your backdrop won’t be of any benefit. Connect with our in-house team of designers to get professional guidance on your design.


Bespoke Exhibition Backdrops That Elevate Your Special Event.

Why Choose Promo Signs for Your Exhibition Backdrop?

To make things easier, you must purchase from a signage company that does it all and by that, we mean design, manufacturing, printing and installation of signs. This is precisely where Promo Signs shine.


1.   Quick Delivery

Promo Signs headquarters features in-house printing, graphic design, and manufacturing facilities that allow us to quickly design and manufacture your exhibit backdrop and send it out for delivery.


2.   Quality Materials

Promo Signs deals with only the leading service providers across London, ensuring that your exhibition stands are crafted using only quality-tested resources.


3.   Tailored Solutions

We specialize in bespoke signage, including exhibition backdrops, that are fully tailored to our client’s particular needs and concept design.


4.   Experienced Team

Promo Signs has been offering professional services to business owners in and around London for over 15 years. We are the reputable and trusted choice for many!

5.   Latest Printing Technology

Promo Signs believes in innovation and striving for the best. Our printing facilities are a prime example, equipped with the latest technical machinery and printing technologies available.

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Your exhibition backdrop is so much more than a visual banner or decorative piece. It allows you to make a real connection with prospective clients and make your brand shine at any exhibition. For your next booth at Olympia, reach out to Promo Signs. Our team will provide you with a detailed consultation and a FREE quote for your exhibit booth backdrop. 


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