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Lightweight, Easy-To-Assemble Fabric Display Stands

Professional Fabric Display Stands Excel London

There is no better way to grab attention from all angles than through a fabric display stand. These incredibly lightweight and easy-to-assemble advertising solutions can be fully custom-designed according to your creative needs. The best part is you won’t just be able to customize the design of your fabric stand but can also alter the frame options for your display stand when you work with Promo Signs.

You can use your fabric display stand to promote your brand at your next trade show, exhibit, or conference, indoors or outdoors – the possibilities are endless. Their portable nature makes fabric banner stands perfect for transporting over longer distances, so you don’t have to worry about packing, setting up, and transporting them for a limited time use.

Sustainable Alternative to Printed Signage

At Promo Signs, we understand the growing concerns of using paper and plastic signage solutions. This is why we have introduced a more sustainable signage solution for our clients that does not break the bank. You can opt for our tension fabric display stands for your next event. For businesses focused on sustainability efforts, our fabric exhibition stands offer an eco-friendly option compared to displays made from PVC or paper.

Our Design Capabilities

Our fabric display stand design capabilities are just as impressive as our traditional signage design services. You can share your required size and design for the fabric display stand and leave the rest to us. If you do not have a design to share, our in-house design team is always available to assist you with your design needs. We take the time to study your brand, your thematic design, and where your display is to be deployed. Keeping all in mind, we deliver an optimized design that best represents your brand.


Boost Your Brand Presence with Our Tension Fabric Display Stand

Why Choose Us?

1.   Experienced Team

Promo Signs has over 15 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing signage and banner solutions for businesses across Excel, London. Our expertise and hands-on professional experience are second to none!

2.   Personalized Services

All of Promo Signs services are fully tailored according to your design and branding needs, incorporating your styling vision and your required shape/size.

3.   Durable Materials

Our tension fabric display stands are made from highly durable materials and printed with high-contrast ink, so the final design is strikingly clear in all lighting, indoors and outdoors. We house advanced fabric banner printing technology so you can enjoy clearer and long-lasting results.

4.   Quick Turnaround

We offer quick turnaround fabric banner services, with most of our projects designed and delivered in under 48 hours, depending on the size and scope of your project.

5.   24/7 Customer Support

Our team remains closely connected with you throughout the duration of your project, keeping you up to date on your project progress and rectifying any queries.

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Promo Signs offers professional fabric banners that are ideal for showcasing your products/services or sharing information on your brand. You can use them in a wide variety of applications, including trade shows, exhibitions, events, conferences, or even office meetings. Fabric banners are a great way to add a touch of creativity to your events. Reach out to Promo Signs with your project details and get a FREE quote!


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