Flex face light boxes 

Flex Face Signs

Professional Flex Face Signs Making Services in London

Promo Signs Ltd offers two main types of light boxes including traditional & flex face light boxes and ultra-slim or edge-lit light boxes. These standard light boxes are mounted to walls and used for bigger applications.

Flex face light box is a method of advertising that is used to envelop significant areas. The flex face light box sign systems are ideal for larger outdoor illuminates sign applications such as illuminated advertising, company signs and shop and front signs. 

These light boxes are strong and durable and available in standard size to create the real tray of the light box. The florescent tubes or power saving LEDs are used to produce internal lightening of the flex light boxes. Our in-house designers can work closely with you and your building to make sure the signs match the look and feel of the property.

Flex Face Light boxes 

Flex Face Signage London

The Flex Face Illuminated Signage are available in custom sizes including single side, or double side. The signs can also be formed to non-rectangular shapes including circular illuminate signs and even large illuminated letter to create completely bespoke Flexface Signage. The sign boards are also available in different colours so that you can make your choice as per need. Also, flexi face skin can be printed in full color to best meet your need.

Promo Signs is a leading flex face sign maker in London that make use of superior technology to create a banner board. The flex faces are the flexible material which is used either for illuminated or non-illuminated signs.

London Flex Face Signs are made from an aluminium framework with a specialist reinforced PVC. By using flex face signs systems, you can easily solve an issue about weight and jointing in cases where signs do not have the restrictions of panel sizes. Flexface Signages in London are often used as shop face signs, business unit signs, retail park signs and any outdoor illuminated sign application.

Flex Face Ligtboxes

Flex Face Ligtboxes

Flex face light box system 

Offers an ideal medium for larger outdoor illuminated promotions. It has a robust and durable 200mm deep aluminium profile which makes up the mandrel and allows the banner graphic  to be tightened and fixed into place.

Promo Signs Ltd can produce full colour backlit PVC banners for your flex face signs of any length. Recyclable banner options are also available as per request. You have flexibility to print it directly from your digital file. Our double printing allows you to achieve bright, colourful, illuminated flex face signage. Double-density prints work superbly when the lights are on in the sign box.

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