In the past, wrapping and recolouring the car was a hectic job, and people had to wait for weeks to get it done. Moreover, this process used to take a long time from stripping the old paint and coating the new one. Car wrapping used to be limited to a few things only. Nowadays, it has become a little easy, all thanks to Vinyl wrapping.

What are car wraps?

Car wrapping is the process of wrapping the car with a series of decals to change its whole look. In this process, the car body gets wrapped with printed and eye-catchy materials to change its whole appearance. It’s also a marketing technique to create awareness about certain brands and products. Apart from all these things, wrapping your car protects it from any hard external damage. You can choose different designs while car wrapping, as it depends on your budget and creativity. Moreover, car wrapping also depends on the shop. If you live in London you can find different shops for car wrapping in London best in their work.

Reasons to wrap your car

A car wrap can be an ideal solution in many cases. Car wraps are your solution when you want to coat your car with that favourite colour. Well, if you are bored with that same colour in your car, change it for a while by wrapping it with your favourite colour. You can remove it later but before the lease is up.  You can enjoy the car wraps the same as you enjoy temporary tattoos. Vinyl car wraps are long-lasting, but you have to care for them. They are durable as long as you protect them. These wraps are the best solutions to prevent your factory paint from damaging.

Duration of car wraps

Car wraps stay as long as you want them provided you have to care for them. Many have this wrong concept that car wraps do not need to be protected. However, it’s not true, you need to maintain the wraps, as, with maintenance, they can last up to more than three years. Be mindful that excessive exposure to sunlight may damage the coating and reduce the lifespan of your wrap. You can maintain your car wrap first by investing in a good car wrap and secondly, use soft microfiber towels after washing. If you are using harsh brushes while washing and cleaning your car, you may spoil the coating.

When can I remove the car Wrap?

It is quite easy to remove the car wrap. If you want the original colour back, call the car wrap shop which applies the wrap and ask them to take it off. You can take it off just like a Band-Aid.


Summing up, a car wrap is an affordable marketing technique if you want to market anything. If you are a resident of London and looking for a car wrapping shop, you can visit car wrapping London as their materials do not fade. However, if you keep your wrapped car outside in a hot climate, the heat can damage the coating of your car. At the same time, if you care and maintain the car by keeping it safe in a Garage, you can make it stand out in a crowd.