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We are dedicated to provide illuminated menu displays of different styles varies in terms of colors, display features and other varied options. These types of boards are available in red, blue, and green lights within the frame. Additionally, you can easily make the colors flash more quickly or slowly. They vary in terms of settings and come with a touch of a button. Availability of write-on menu boards has given new hope to the users as it tended to be friendly to your wallet and the environment. Write-on menu display enable buyers to create business logos or taglines. The great thing is that you can easily adapt to any kind of setting. These write-on menu defend against smudging and staining. The produced in LED lights illumination up the whole black marker board, producing smooth beams of illumination.

Promo Signs LTD offer: fully LED’s illuminated menu boards to really showcase what you have to offer.

  • Modular Menu Display Boards
  • Curved Menu Display Boards
  • Slimline Menu Boards
  • Windows Menu Display

Menu Displays in London

Menu Boards London

Menu displays need and demand are increasing day by day with the passage of time. A superb range of  LED Menu Boards and Menu Display solutions for restaurants, cafes, pubs and the leisure industry are available today in the market. Many of the Menu Boards and Cases are weatherproof and suited for external use, some with illuminated options. We, at provide our Bistro range includes removable printed header panels to display your business name or marketing message.

If you are looking for menu boards in UK for complete drive through design to indoor panels or freestanding menu boards, we supply them in a variety of lighting schemes from back lit or edge lit; fluorescent or LED lighting options.

Purchasing varieties of Menu display become easier today with the availability of both illuminated and non-illuminated menu boards and restaurant signage etc.

Menu Display London

Our design team is ready to assist you with designs, color and layout of a unique menu. 

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