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At Promo Signs Design and Print, you can get an array of options for Neon Signs London. With the proper assistance of our neon letters you can create an attractive image of your property. We can design a customized neon sign for your wedding, kid’s bedrooms, events, garages, business, and more. With us, you can get an instant quote and mock-up for the word signs.

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We are specializing in providing the custom LED neon signs, neon signs for weddings, personalized Neon Signs in London, business & restaurant neon signs, bar signs, custom neon sidewalk signs, and aesthetic neon LED artwork for your custom home décor. All our custom neon LED installations light up your offices, homes, stores, cafes, bars, shopping malls, parties, wedding ceremonies,& events in an attractive way.

Advantages of our Neon Signs

The neon LED signs that we offer to have less costing than the price of actual glass neon signs. Moreover, we provide the neon signs in London which are easily durable, portable, & safe. Moreover, the best of all, our LED neon signs can be designed in an array of colors& fonts. We provide an easy to design, unique, customized & personalized neon signs for your property. All of our LED neon letters are customized from the top-quality neon light tubes which are kid-safe, economical & ecologically friendly! Below are some of the great reasons to choose our custom LED sign.

Neon Signs in London


  • Flexible and customizable

Our neon LED signs to offer complete flexibility for your text. One can simply customize their own text. Our LED signs are the best preference for your commercial and residential property. If you want to publicize the sale and you want to let your prospective consumers about your commercial property, you can get simply with our LED signs in a better way. We can make any neon sign that you want, in various fonts & a wide selection of colors.

  • Different Range

Our LED neon text signs come in ‘n’ numbers of different ranges. You will be astonished by seeing our different designs & sizes of neon LED signs which you can buy from us. We allow you to choose your own preferred shape, colors, size, & design and make it sure that it will unconditionally meet your needs.

  • Easy to Install

All our LED Neon Signs London are fixed with high-quality, rich acrylic backboards, stands, and boxes. The backboards attribute has pre-drilled holes that provide an easy wall mounting & these are ready for use, right out from the box.

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