Non Illuminated Signs are a very cost-effective way of advertising your business, particularly in well lit areas, and can be made from a wide variety of materials and colours and are ideal for shopping centres, industrial units, hotels, shops & restaurants.These signs can be manufactured from foam PVC, perspex and aluminium.

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While there are plenty of high tech signage options that make use of 3D imagery, backlighting, and neon, sometimes a classic look may be more preferable. In fact, non illuminated signs are still as popular as they have ever been, and choosing this option for your business will often depend on what you want your fist impressions to be. Often, businesses that choose non illuminated signs do most of their business during daylight hours, so have no real need for light signage in the evening.

That said, a good mix can often be found by combing both styles, with non illuminated signs London forming the main customer facing signs on the street, while illuminated alternatives can be used indoors and in the interior space, for example. Sign manufacturers in London produce no illuminated signs in a wide range of materials and styles designed for all manner of businesses. Aluminium, Perspex, PVC, and foam, along with many more, all form the possible foundations of your new non illuminated sign. Coupled with the vast selection of lettering, your design is only limited by your imagination, and our team are more than happy to help you reach that all important final decision.


Hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and many more businesses that operate in well lit areas can greatly benefit from non illuminated signs London. While, as mentioned, perfectly suited for daylight business hours, a non illuminated sign can also be a great choice for any business that operates in a generally well lit area, even after daylight hours. Additionally, a simple, non illuminated sign can help to create important first impressions, especially if your business is targeting higher end consumers. This can be particularly applicable to hotels, estate agents, and shops offering specialist goods, as the unique designs that can be achieved with non illuminated signs are often timeless and classic, and can help create a real sense of brand and history.

Many Sign manufacturers in London smaller specialist shops for example, choose this option, especially in areas that might be rich in local heritage or culture, as one of our hand crafted designs can ensure that such a business seamless fits in with its surroundings. The beauty is of course, that a non illuminated sign can still remaining eye catching and intriguing for potential customers from both within and outside of the area. Essentially, such a choice for your signage can give you a professional, classy image that will immediately draw customers inside.

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