A point-of-sale display also called the POS Display is an exclusive advertising material placed next to the billing counter. An effective POS display is the one that converts prospective buyers to actual customers. They are lightweight, easily adjustable in small spaces, foldable, portable, replaceable and disposable. They are prepared with a specific target in mind whether promoting a product or a special offer or a deal or even the brand itself. With magnetic fitting they are easy to assemble too. A common type of POS display is the Cardboard Display that is made up of cardboard material and is generally designed very attractively so as to divert maximum customer attention towards it. Another purpose of the cardboard display is to maximize use of retail space.

Just the creation of great looking signs is not the end of the task. For the sign to do its basic job, it needs proper installation. A Sign Installation is the finishing touch to the entire process. The first step for proper installation is to ensure that it follows the state rules and regulations. The installation technician needs to be a trained person. A signage service provider providing end-to-end solutions will have the expertise and necessary technology like a fully-equipped vehicle and tools to provide top-notch installation service.