School Signs London

School Signs London

Give your students a sense of belonging by putting up a clear, visible well-installed logo outside your campus!

School Signage Manufacturing in London by Promo Signs

At Promo Signs, we cater to a wide range of schools, colleges, and universities across London, providing them with the best signage solutions for their respective institutions. With so many signage solutions out there, you may be torn between making the right decision. Promo Signs ensures you choose the best fit for your campus that not only attracts passersby but also delivers the institutional message you want!

Why Put Up Quality Signs In Your School?

There are many benefits of putting quality signs on your school’s interior and exterior. By putting up a school logo or one of your mascots, you give your students a sense of belonging and community. They feel welcome when they step onto their school premises.

At the same time, well-designed signs can be used to highlight your campus directory and help students navigate their way to their classes. Most schools should also feature high-quality printed signs carrying critical information relevant to your student’s academics. Students also rely heavily on information regarding key events and extracurriculars coming from school signs. This is why you must hire a quality sign manufacturing company!

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Our School Signage Services

Here are some of the key services we offer!

§  PVC Routing Signs

PVC banners are an ideal form of sign for your school. They are a cost-effective way to display information about your school at its front or within your campus. You can print out summer events, sports day information, open day, or result information for display!

§  3D Letter Signs

3D Letter Signs are a great way to put up eye-catching logos for your students to see. 3D lettering signs give a more distinctive look. You could print out your school name or your department name to help it stand out.

§  Projecting Signs

Projecting signs tend to be attached to a wall but angled outward. They are another great way to add wayfinders or directives to your school layout. They can further be added to both your exterior and interior.

§  Indoor Signs/Office Signs

Adding indoor signs or office signs that help identify your offi

School Signs London

ces will help students find their superiors whenever they need assistance or guidance.


Professional, affordable, durable signage solutions, are now available for YOUR institution!

Here’s Why Our Clients Love Promo Signs Services!

  • 15 years of experience under our belt
  • Designing, printing, and installing solutions all in one place!
  • High-quality sign printing using the latest print technology
  • Customized signage solutions that meet your unique needs!
  • Wide range of sign printing services for all occasions and institutions!

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