Static Cling Window Films can be used to increase privacy. It is a good option if a temporary installation is needed. It can also be installed in these areas where cleaning is difficult. The film is good for apartment and can also be used as short-term signage in any retail shop. It can be installed temporarily for commercial location but it is good for apartments because of long life. There is less or no activity so it does not loosen easily.

Promo Signs is a company that can be contacted for providing these films. We let the customers know about its benefits and the way to install or remove them. There are many types of static cling window films available with us. We provide the films for commercial as well as residential buildings so clients can come to us with their requirements and we will provide the films accordingly.

How does the film stick to the surface?

No adhesive is used to stick the film to the surface. Static charge is also not used for adhesion. The film works in the form of the suction cup and can be applied only to those surfaces that are non-porous and are smooth. Glass is the best surface on which the film can be used. Besides glass, metals and plastic can also be chosen. The film can be repositioned, reused, and removed easily. Static Window Films London is easily deteriorated if strong cleaners are used. Clings also deteriorate because of the accumulation of dirt and grime.

Advantages of Static Cling Window Films

There are many advantages to the film, which are listed here.

  • No adhesive is used to stick the film on the desired surface.
  • Because of the thickness, it is easy to use.
  • Applying and removing the film is very easy. Chemicals are not used for stickling it so the glass is also safe from damage.
  • The film is available at an affordable price.

The films that we provide are usually plain or with little graphics. More graphics will create problems in sticking the film to the surface. Clients can choose the color of the film and we can provide that accordingly. Usually the films are either white or clear but we can customize them as per the client’s requirement. Some of these customizations include:

  • The only background can be kept transparent.
  • The text and images can be printed in white color with a clear background.
  • Everything can be kept transparent.

The films are available in different sizes and clients have the option of customizing the size as per their requirement.

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