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Premium Professional Straight Fabric Displays for Your Exhibition at ExCel, London

Promo Signs Straight Fabric Displays

Promo Signs straight fabric displays are the ideal choice when you plan on covering plain walls or having visual backdrops for your indoor events. They are the preferred choice for any exhibitionist at ExCel, London.

Straight tension fabric displays are pulled taut through a metal frame that holds them in place. The fabric is made from high-quality elastic materials, so the visual display is stretched across the frame without any creasing. The final result is a stunning visual backdrop designed with high-contrast inks that impress anyone who sets eyes upon it!

Customized Tension Fabric Display Solutions

Promo Signs offers fully tailored tension fabric display services, so you can customize your display to your choice of size and graphics. If needed, we can provide double-sided graphics so your brand visuals are seen from all angles.

What Are The Benefits Of Promo Signs Straight Fabric Display Stands?

Promo Signs’ fabric display stands are the perfect choice for those who want a rich visual display but are also looking for a budget-friendly solution. Our tension fabric display stands are budget-friendly, quick, and easy to assemble and can be fully customized according to your design needs. Furthermore, they can be used in a variety of event venues.

The Versatility of Straight Fabric Display Stands

Promo Signs offers versatile straight fabric display stand services that can be utilized in a variety of applications.


  • Use your tension fabric display to create a backdrop for your plain walls in exhibition areas.
  • Use the fabric display stands for partitioning spaces, or use them as a POS in your corner.
  • Use them at trade shows to make a strong impression on your competitors.
  •  Thanks to their quick-to-install nature, they are ideal for use at your next pop-up shop or promotional event.
  • Use them at your corporate events to display key brand information and event agenda to your attendees.


Portable, Lightweight, and Versatile, Our Straight-Fabric Display Stands Are Second to None!

Why Choose Promo Signs?

  • Promo signs have been offering straight fabric display solutions to the residents of London for over 15 years! We have the necessary expertise and experience needed to spearhead any project, regardless of size or scope.
  • At Promo Signs, we employ the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing and printing technology to manufacture your straight fabric displays.
  • Our tension fabric display stands are crafted using elastic, lightweight, yet strong fabrics that are resistant to tearing or creasing.
  • We use the latest dye sublimation printing processes in manufacturing to ensure your display has high-contrast imagery with vibrant colour palettes.
  • Our customer support team stays in close touch with you throughout the project. Reach out and you will get an instant update on your project.


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Promo Signs offers professional tension fabric displays that are sure to make your exhibit at ExCel truly shine. We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions; instead, we take the time to assess your particular design and event needs and provide you with a project plan accordingly. Reach out to us today so we can discuss your project and get a FREE quote!


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