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Promo Signs specializes in bespoke window frosting films for residential and commercial properties in and around Bexleyheath. Give your property a touch of sophistication while enhancing the privacy of your interior space. Glass frosting films offer a translucent barrier that obscures the view from the outside, disabling prying eyes from looking in.

We offer a convenient privacy barrier that takes into account your desired aesthetic. You can fully customize your frosted window film with any artwork, tests, decorative patterns, logos, or motifs of your choosing. We will create the ideal custom window frosting film meant for your property.

Glass Manifestations Bexleyheath

Improve Privacy Without Obstructing Natural Light

Benefits of Frosted Window Frosting Films

Enjoy the many benefits of Promo Sign’s window frosting films:

§  Improved Privacy

Our frosted films are applied to transparent glass surfaces on windows, doors, and sliding partitions to enhance the privacy of your interior space.

§  Reduced UV

Frosted window films help minimize the strength of UV rays entering the window, minimizing the build-up of heat inside during the summers. During the winters, they preserve interior heat by blocking out incoming cold.

§  Enhanced Aesthetics

Bexleyheath Frosted films offer a budget-friendly method of adding a touch of decor to your plain glass windows. You can customize your frosted window film to incorporate elaborate graphics and even coloured prints that make your property stand out.

§  Improved Office Safety

Glass manifestation  films help signal the presence of glass in offices to mitigate glass collisions and related damages. Glass manifestations are a legal requirement in offices in Bexleyheath area.


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Modern Branding Capabilities

Don’t overlook the many benefits of frosted window films in a commercial space.Window Frosting Bexleyheath Not only do they make your workspace safer, but they also offer budget-friendly branding capabilities. Embed your frosted window film with your signature logo, name, or tagline to reinvigorate your brand recall across your property.


Branding through frosted films is quick and easy to install, making it a wonderful method of making your brand memorable among visitors. You can install them throughout the interior and exterior of your building and shop, anywhere with a plain glass surface.

Why Choose Us for Window Frosting?

  • Promo Signs has over 15 years of professional experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing professional window vinyl and signage.
  • We offer a diverse portfolio of window frosting films available in a variety of styles, designs, and finishes, capable of 100% customization.
  • We don’t conclude our window frosting project with delivery; we also offer professional installation services for a seamless appearance.
  • Our customer support team offers consistent support throughout your project; connect to have any of your queries answered right away!
  • We work with the most trusted suppliers across the city to manufacture your frosted window films in Bexleyheath , offering high quality and longevity.

Looking For A Window Frosting Film Manufacturer in Bexleyheath?

Promo Signs is a leading provider of decorative bespoke window frosting films that are customized to meet your exact window frosting needs. If you are ready to find a decorative frosted glass window film that meets your property aesthetics, reach out to us! These frosted films will not only improve your privacy and safety but also reduce the wear and tear on your glass surfaces.

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