Window Frosting Camden Town

Window Frosting Camden Town

High-Quality Glass Manifestations for Your Office

Glass walls and doors are common in offices; they enhance the visual appeal of the area and add an air of professionalism. Glass is also commonly used for partitioning. However, plain glass may not be visible in certain light conditions or when seen from certain angles, becoming a workspace hazard. Walking into the glass can cause injuries.

Frosted glass films signal the presence of glass to prevent people from walking into glass panes, avoiding potential injury. They can be applied across large expanses of clear glass anywhere in your office. According to legal guidelines, glass manifestations must be placed 1400mm to 1600 mm (at least) from the floor. With our high-quality frosted glass films and expert team handling your glass manifestations, you do not have to worry about the details.

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Camden Town Frosted Window Film by Promo Signs

Window frosting is an excellent alternative to sandblasted glass and acid etching; it gives you the same fantastic results without breaking the bank. You can easily revamp your whole space with window frosting at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, our frosted vinyl for windows and glass surfaces is highly durable and helps reduce wear and tear on your expensive glass. Window frosting Camden Town film also helps reduce the amount of glare, making screen work easier for you.

The best part about our frosted window film is its customizability.  You can have your window frosting film in any design and pattern you like with the level of thickness you need. We also pre-designed patterns that will meet every creative vision.

Where Can A Glass Frosting Film Be Used?Window Frosting Camden Town

Frosted glass films are incredibly versatile and can be applied across any glass surface. Here are some of the most popular use cases of frosted window film:

Office Partition Manifestations Camden Town

Besides safety in the office, the frosted glass will provide your staff with much-needed privacy in their allocated spaces, also helping avoid potential distractions. You can customise your ofiice frosted glass film with your company logo, motif, tagline, design, text or graphics. 

Privacy in Homes

Frosted windows in Camden Town provide you privacy without having to put heavy curtains or blinds. You can have your frosted window film installed on your bathroom windows, across your balcony glass, skylight or just about anywhere you desire some additional privacy. 

Malls & Shopping Centres

Frosted window film is the best, most affordable way to ensure privacy in public spaces such as shopping centres and malls, especially sections like waiting rooms. 

Restaurants Window Etched And Frosted

Graphic window frosting films at your storefront can help promote your eatery to visitors and also create a privacy screen for the dining guests. Frosted glass Camden Town will also improve your exterior’s aesthetic appeal. 

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Promo Signs is a full-service company offering bespoke, high-quality signage, window frosting and glass manifestation services to the people of Camden Town and surrounding areas. From window frosting film design to manufacturing and installation, we do everything in-house. Our over 15 years of experience, affordable services, use of the latest printing and manufacturing technology, and devoted customer support service have made us the most reliable name for Camden Town glass manifestations and window frosting. 

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