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Professional Window Frosting in Covent Garden

Promo Signs is the leading name offering frosted window film services in and around Covent Garden. We are renowned for our exceptional expertise in transforming plain glass windows into works of art and elevating both residential and commercial spaces.

With over 15 years of experience to back us, we offer a diverse range of glass frosting films aimed at enhancing your property’s privacy, improving energy efficiency, protecting against harmful UV, and improving property aesthetics. Our team of professionals is the trusted choice not only for window frosting film design and manufacturing but also for delivering top-notch installation work.

Glass Manifestations Covent Garden

Transforming Windows, Elevating Interiors


Promo Signs Window Frosting Film Services:

  • Residential Window Frosting

Our residential window frosted films are aimed at enhancing your living space while protecting your privacy from external eyes. Ideally used for kitchen windows, bathroom windows, bedroom windows, glass doors, and more.

  • Commercial Window Frosting

Commercial window frostings in Covent Garden won’t just give your employees a sense of privacy; they can also be leveraged to help promote your brand in-house to create a sense of belonging among your workforce.

  • Office Glass Manifestations

Covent Garden glass manifestations will ensure that your property is up to code and free of safety and health hazards. Signalling the presence of glass through our graphic films mitigates the chances of collisions.

  • Hotels/Restaurants/Airports

Our glass frosting films offer diverse applications; they can be installed in any property with glass windows, dividers, doors and cupboards, including hotels, restaurants, and airports, to create a modern interior design.

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Here’s How It Works?

Our creative process helps simplify the way frosted window film projects are completed. In just 3 easy steps, you can have a personalized window frosting film ready!

1.   ConsultationWindow Frosting Covent garden

For the initial consultation, we assess the type of property you wish to target, residential or commercial, and then proceed to offer you the best window vinyl type for your property. We provide a rich catalogue of designs and themes to explore for your window frosting film. However, if you have an art piece in mind, feel free to share it with our designers. We can incorporate any design of your choosing, including your brand logo, taglines, text, or motifs.

2.   Design Selection

The next step is to manufacture your window vinyl using the latest in-house print technology and premium-quality materials sourced from the best suppliers.

3.   Installation

Our professional team will not only manufacture your frosted window film but will also undertake their final installation for a sleek, seamless finish.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years of serving Covent Garden, Promo Signs has the relevant expertise and experience needed to tackle just about any project, regardless of size or scope. We offer a diverse range of window frosting films that can be fully customized to meet your project needs. We are the A-to-Z providers. We don’t just design your frosted films; you can also leave the final installation to us!

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