Window Frosting Lewisham

Window Frosting Lewisham

Top-Quality Frosted Window Film Services in Lewisham

Frosted window films offer the best blend of décor and functionality for any space, whether residential or commercial. These films improve privacy and safety and enhance the area’s visual appeal in both commercial and residential settings. A frosted window film does it all without breaking the bank.

Promo Signs offers the best quality glass frosting film services in Lewisham at highly competitive rates with exceptional results. From design to manufacturing and installation, we can meet all the project needs.

Window Frosting by Promo Signs: Customizable & Affordable

Frosted glass is functional and beautiful, but traditional glass frosting techniques are expensive and time-consuming. They include sandblasting and acid etching. Frosted glass films are a highly affordable alternative to these methods; frosted films are actually more durable and give the same results.  It also reduces the wear and tear of the glass by covering it and improves the life of your glass.

The best part about our frosted glass films is that they are fully customizable. All you have to do is share your logo, motif, graphics, text or any design in any size requirement and we will get it printed for you. If you do not have any specific design in mind, you can also choose from our extensive collection of pre-designed frosted films.

Frosted Window Films: Affordable, Versatile and Functional

Frosted Window Film Applications

Glass frosting in Lewisham films are incredibly versatile, making them perfect for variousWindows Frosting Lewisham applications. From offices to restaurants and retail shops to homes, these can be used anywhere as long as the application surface is glass. Glass doors, walls, windows, cupboards, and tables are some examples.

Glass manifestations helps improve an area’s safety by signalling people about the presence of a glass structure, reducing the chances of collisions and injuries. This ability makes them highly useful for offices, as commercial spaces usually have glass partitions. Besides safety, frosted windows also improve privacy measures in offices with their semi-translucent nature. 

Office glass manifestations films are equally useful in homes and other commercial sectors where they offer the same benefits mentioned above while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area. This makes them ideal for homes, retail shops, hotels and restaurants.

How Glass Frosting Film Works?

Our process is extremely quick; we complete any-sized project in only 3 steps:

  • Design Consultation:

The first step is a consultation, where we discuss your design, shape and size requirements and suggest the best options for you depending on your needs.

  • Manufacturing and Printing:

The manufacturing process starts once you have decided on the best design for your frosted window film. We use only the latest manufacturing and printing technology so our clients can enjoy the best results they deserve.

  • Professional Application:

The final part of the project is the professional application of your frosted window film. Our experts skillfully handle all aspects of the application, from cleaning the glass surface to the application of window frosting film to clearing out any bubbles and air pockets for a seamless look.


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If you need high-quality, visually appealing and inexpensive glass manifestations in Lewisham, Promo Signs is the best option. You can contact us any time; our team will reach out to you, answer any questions regarding our services, and guide you about the best window frosting film options per your requirements.

With Promo Signs, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands. After all, we have been serving in the signage industry for over 15 years and are known for our exceptional quality work and customer service.

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