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Promo Signs offers expert commercial and residential frosted window film services that are fitting for any property in and around Romford. Explore a practical, budget-friendly alternative to curtains, blinds, or frosted glass installations. Our window frosting films are designed to deliver complete privacy by shielding the interior details from prying eyes.

Select our full floor-to-ceiling frosting films that cover the entirety of your glass doors or windows, or explore our cut vinyl privacy films capable of embedding any pattern or artistic piece of your choosing. We can fully personalise window frosting films so they harmonise with your property’s aesthetic.


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Privacy Window Films for Glass Surfaces in Every Shape and Size

The Benefits of Promo Signs’ Window Frosting Film

Our frosted glass films are not just popular for their aesthetic appeal; they also provide several functional benefits:

§  Energy Efficiency

Our window frosting films are exceptionally good at heat savings thanks to their energy efficiency. They can maintain indoor temperatures throughout the year by blocking heat transfer and removing the pressure from your HVAC systems.

§  UV Protection

Romford Window frosting films block harmful ultraviolet rays from permeating your clear glass surfaces. You can prevent UV rays from fading and damaging your precious furnishings, carpeting, and artwork.

§  Enhanced Privacy

Window frosting films are primarily meant to enhance the privacy of your property. These films help create a translucent blurring effect over your clear glass panes so anyone peering in can’t make out the inner details.

§  Branding Capabilities

Your frosted window film can be personalised with your brand logo, tagline, or other graphic imagery to promote your brand recall indoors and outdoors.


Your Alternative to Curtains & Blinds, At A Fraction of The Cost!

Bring Your Property Up to Code with Glass ManifestationsWindow Frosting Romford

Glass manifestations are a legal requirement across the offices in the UK. Larger panel glasses pose a health and safety hazard in workspaces since they can lead to collisions or incidents. Glass manifestations in Romoford are discernable graphic films in the form of a logo or signage that is applied to signal the presence of glass to your employees. Play your role in creating a safer and healthier workspace for your workforce.


Moreover, glass manifestations also give your employees much-needed privacy, making the office a safe place for all.

Why Choose Promo Signs for Window Frosting?

  • Promo Signs has over 15 years of relative experience as a glass frosting film designer, manufacturer, and installation provider in Romford.
  • We provide the finest quality frosted glass films that offer flexibility, versatility, privacy, and class.
  • We offer 100% tailored solutions that take into account your property aesthetics and the benefits you seek.
  • We offer much more than just basic frosted window film design services; our team also ensures the final delivery and installation are error-free.
  • We offer 24/7 customer support services that keep you updated on the progress of your window vinyl project.

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