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Promo Signs offers professional window frosting film installation services that deliver heightened privacy to your property. These films act as a barrier that blurs the vision from both sides of the windows, making the surface opaque. Wandering eyes can no longer make out what is on the inside.

But our frosted window films offer so much more. Not only are they the most cost-effective method of putting a privacy screen around your property, but they also cut down on heating and cooling costs. By reflecting heat from the sun, window frosting keeps your home cool in summer, and by maintaining internal heat, frosted windows help keep your home warm in the winter.  You can use frosted window film to block away harmful UV rays that wreak havoc on your furniture, causing discolouration or fading.

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Privacy Frosted Window Film Installation Across Walthamstow


Our Versatile Window Frosting Services

Walthamstow window frosting films are available in a variety of patterns and styles. They are highly versatile solutions that can be installed on windows, glass doors, and mirrors in a variety of settings:

1.   In Offices

Purchasing sandblasted windows or engraving them is a costly investment. Use frosted glass window film to maintain a sense of privacy around your office space. A privacy film applied over the glass is a much more practical method of keeping your workspace’s privacy intact. Glass manifestations also signal the presence of glass, minimizing workspace incidents!

2.   In Homes

Looking to increase privacy in your bathrooms, laundry rooms, sunrooms, or pantry doors? Window frosting film is the perfect solution to aesthetically cover up your glass surfaces at a fraction of your budget!

3.   In Restaurants

Looking for an incredibly cost-effective marketing technique? Enhance the dining experience by adding custom window tints over your street-facing windows. Give your diners a sense of privacy while also promoting your brand to onlookers with bespoke graphic engravings!

4.   In Shops & Hotels

Save your property from the damaging effects of the sun on your furnishings, fabrics, flooring, and artwork. Keep your property looking its best with frosted film for windows.

Convert Transparent Windows into Artistic Masterpieces!


Why Choose Promo Signs?Window Frosting Tower Walthamstow

  • We offer fully personalized window frosting services to meet your unique glass frosting needs
  • We deal in only quality frosted window film base materials; your films will last for years to come!
  • Elaborate designs or minimalist motifs – we can handle just about any design requirement for your glass manifestation project.
  • Enhance your property with our cost-effective solutions for privacy and elegance alike.
  • We are not just suppliers; we also take the lead on your window film installations. Leave it to the professionals!

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Commercial and residential frosted window films in Walthamstow are the modern solution for maintaining property privacy while also adding a touch of aesthetics to your plain glass surface. Our extensive choice of patterns and designs for frosted windows make them the ideal choice for your home, offices, restaurants, hotels, and just about any property you own!

With over 15 years of experience, we are the trusted choice for window frosting across Walthamstow. Get in touch with us today, and we will provide you with a free quote for your project!


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