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For over 15 years, Promo Signs has served the local community of Bromley through our frosted window film services. We provide frosting films scaled up or down in size, cut to any shape of your choosing, and installed in just about any property across the city. Our more than a decade-long year of experience, consistent quality, and exceptional customer support set us apart from our competitors. We are the trusted choice for window frosting; rely on us for your next project!


Glass Manifestations Bromley

Your Property Needs Window Frosting

Promo Sign’s glass frosted films can do wonders, transforming your plain windows into elaborate works of art. Etch in any design of your choice that resonates with your property aesthetics. You can submit your own design, company logo, text, tagline or motifs. It is not just the aesthetics we deliver; our frosting films are the ideal solutions to preserve your privacy by obscuring your property’s interior. These low-maintenance films are quick to install and result in a fraction of the cost otherwise needed for costly window treatments.

Our frosted films are excellent at energy savings by regulating internal temperature and reducing the pressure on your HVAC system. Block incoming harmful UV rays that fade your precious artwork, carpeting, and furnishings. You can apply your frosted glass window film anywhere: glass doors, windows, tables, partitions, cupboards, etc.


Decorative, Protective & Alluring Window Films to Transform Your Property

Our Services

§  Residential Window Frosting FilmWindow Frosting Bromley

Our frosting window films are ideal for residential applications, providing privacy, comfort, and energy savings in one. Apply them over your kitchen windows, bedroom windows, bathroom windows, skylight windows, sliding partitions, or just about anywhere with a glass surface.

§  Office Frosted Window Film

Your frosted window film can radically transform your office space through personalized branded designs. At the same time, they help preserve the privacy of your employee’s workspace. Add a much-needed layer of privacy to the dedicated workstations and conference rooms.

§  Hotel Frosting Films

Your hotel guests will appreciate the sleek and aesthetic appearance of glass frosting films while also loving the privacy they offer. Window frosting Bromley is a cost-effective method that saves the need for bulky curtains, heavy blinds, or sandblasting your windows.

§  Restaurant Frosting Films

Add a window frosting film with decorative allure to your storefront or between booths to give your restaurant interior a modern and sleek appearance.


High-Quality Window Films That Provide Complete Protection

Glass Manifestations for Your Office in Bromley

Bromley Glass manifestations by Promo Signs will help you adhere to workspace safety and health care regulations, keeping your workspace up to code. Glass manifestations are a legal requirement for offices in the UK. By strategically placing them in critical locations, they prevent people from walking into glass panels, injuring themselves, and putting them out of work. Ensure that your workspace is free of glass collisions and mishaps by installing glass manifestations.


Why Choose Promo Signs for Window Frosting?

  • Over 15 years of professional experience
  • High-quality window films with long-lasting effects
  • Professional installations for a smooth and seamless appearance
  • Round-the-clock customer support to alleviate all your concerns
  • Fully tailored solutions that align with your creative needs

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