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Professional Window Frosting in Croydon

Promo Signs window frosting film is a high-performance, long-lasting, durable product, perfect for residential or commercial areas. Our frosted window film can be used for a variety of different purposes. It can enhance your property’s privacy by providing an opaque barrier that hides away internal details. It can also be designed with elaborate graphics to add a decorative touch to your otherwise plain glass surface.

With Promo Signs, not only will you get high-resolution, high-durability frosted glass films like none other, but you will also enjoy professional installation services. Rather than contacting a third party, rely on our qualified and fully trained team to hand deliver and install your window frosting film right on time.

Where Can Glass Frosting Films Be Used?

Glass frosting films are highly versatile and can realistically be applied across any glass surface. Check out some of the most popular use cases of our frosted vinyl for windows and glass surfaces:


Frosted glass in your office will provide your staff privacy in their allocated spaces and help avoid potential distractions. Their graphic design can further be customized with your particular branding to boost a sense of belonging among your employees. 


Residential clients can also benefit from our glass frosting films. Frosted windows add privacy to your home without having to put heavy curtains or blinds. You can have them installed across your balcony glass, bathroom windows, skylight or just about anywhere you would like some additional privacy. 

Malls & Shopping Centres

Frosted window film is the perfect way to ensure privacy, even in public spaces such as malls or shopping centres or sections such as waiting rooms where guests might need some added privacy. 


Restaurants can use graphic window frosting films at their storefronts to promote their brand to visitors while creating a privacy screen for their dining guests. Frosted windows are not only functional but also provide an aesthetic boost to your exterior. 

Frosted Window Film Designing, Manufacturing and Installation in Croydon

Glass Manifestations for The Office

Croydon glass manifestations are considered a legal requirement for offices. Glass manifestations are used to signal the presence of glass to prevent people from walking head-on into glass panes, avoiding potential injury. You can have your glass manifestation applied across large expanses of clear glass anywhere in your office. 

According to legal regulations, glass manifestations must be placed at least 1000mm to 1500 mm from the floor. With our team handling your project, you do not have to worry about the miscellaneous details. We ensure everything is up to standard!

Why Choose Promo Signs?

  • Over 15 years of professional experience offering bespoke signage,Window Frosting Croydon professional window frosting and glass manifestations across Croydon
  • High-resolution graphics for glass frosting films that elevate your interior space, all tailored to meet your desired design needs.  
  • Professional frosted window film installation services that guarantee a smooth, seamless finish. 
  • Round-the-clock customer support keeps you involved in the process from start to conclusion. 

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Promo Signs offers all-inclusive window frosting film services across Croydon and adjoining areas of London. With our highly experienced team, we can handle projects of any size and complexity. Reach out to us today to discuss what we can do for you and get a free quote for your project along the way!

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