Window Frosting Ealing

Window Frosting Ealing

Privacy and Elegance with High-Quality Window Frosting

Promo Signs offers bespoke frosted window film and glass manifestation services to residential and commercial properties across Ealing. Our frosted window film delivers the appearance of etched glass with a smooth and seamless finish. Frosted windows will give your property a touch of elegance while adding a functional privacy screen.

You can also customize your frosted window film according to your design needs. Add patterns that span the length of your glass surface or choose centred brand logos for your office walls; the possibilities are endless. You can further choose to install our glass frosting films on your glass walls, doors, skylights, balconies or any glass surface on your property!

Why Get Window Manifestations for Your Workspace?

Glass manifestations are considered a legal requirement for workspaces across the UK. They are applied to clear glass in the workspace to make them more apparent to your workers. This helps people avoid walking head-on into the glass and injuring themselves while on the job. 

Our window frosting film can further be customized according to your design selection. You can choose a soft, minimalist pattern for your workspace that gives it a sleek, modern appearance or add a branded logo, motif or tagline to boost your employee’s sense of belonging. 

Glass Frosting Films, Professionally Supplied and Installed!

Your Window Frosting Film, Ready in 3 Easy Steps!

Adding window frosting to your property can be a huge change. Work with our experienced team to get the best results. You will love how we simplify the project in just 3 easy steps!

  • Consultation for Designwindow frosting Ealing

This is the initial design stage, where we will hold consultation sessions with you to discuss the size and design choices for your frosted window film. If you do not have anything particular in mind, you can choose from our own curated selection of designs and patterns.

  • Production

With your design pinned down, we head over to production. Your glass frosting films are created with utmost care thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. We provide high-resolution graphics for a modern and sophisticated appearance. 

  • Expert Installation

Finally, we do not just deliver the frosted vinyl for windows to your doorstep; we also provide professional installation services in Ealing. This involves cleaning your glass surface, applying the frosting film and clearing away any trapped air bubbles to give it that smooth, glistening finish!

Why Choose Promo Signs?

Promo Signs has been serving Ealing and its surrounding communities for over 15 years, providing bespoke signage and window frosting film services like none other! Our extensive experience includes many residential and commercial clients, including small and large businesses. 

We deliver premium etched glass window film that are functional, durable and visually pleasing, offering optimum value to our clients. Our affordable price point, durable material design and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from our competitors!

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Frosting glass film costs vary according to your project needs, the size of your glass surface and the design pattern you want. For a more accurate quote, we recommend connecting with our team for a private consultation session. Our team of experts will also answer any questions you may have about our products, procedures or installation services. 

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