Curved Fabric Backdrop Olympia

Promote Your Brand at the Next Event with Impressive Curved Fabric Backdrop!

Promo Signs Curved Fabric Backdrop Olympia

Promo Signs offers professionally designed, skillfully crafted curved tension fabric displays to commercial owners for exhibitions at Olympia. They will add dimension and depth to your booth or exhibit space.

Choosing Promo Signs tension fabric displays for your event will offer several benefits. Curved backdrops are known for their visual appeal, draped with tension fabric to create an eye-catching and everlasting impression.  You can also use these tension fabric displays to present all the necessary information about your business and products. Make your message clear and loud to your intended audience!

Curved Fabric Backdrop As Focal Points

A tension fabric display offers several functional and aesthetic benefits. It can display all necessary event information, including who you are, what services you offer, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Besides this, when designing a backdrop for a red carpet event or a trade show, expect lots of photography in front of your backdrop. A curved fabric backdrop is ideal as it will give your photos a professional, sleek appearance. Moreover, a skillfully designed backdrop, once captured in photos, will crop up in social media, magazines, and articles, putting the spotlight on your brand.

Impressive, Cost-Effective Alternatives to Traditional Backdrop Displays.

How To Set Up Your Curved Fabric Backdrop?

Curved fabric backdrops are popular for their quick and easy-to-set-up nature.

  • Our fabric backdrops come with lightweight metal tubes that form the frame of your backdrop.
  • Start building the frame by connecting the pipes together and attaching them to the middle support pole. A weighted base will be connected at the bottom to hold each leg of the frame in place.
  • Now slip the printed fabric over the top of the frame and pull it taut.
  • That is all; your tension fabric display is ready to impress!

Why Choose Promo Signs?

ü Experienced Team

Promo Signs has been in the field for over 15 years. Our team of highly skilled designers and printing and manufacturing experts can complete any project, meeting our clients’ expectations every time!

ü Quality Materials

Promo Signs deals with only the highest-quality material suppliers in and around London, so your final product is durable and resistant to heat and external elements.

ü High-Resolution Prints

Our printing house is equipped with the latest dying and printing machinery, which renders high-resolution prints that appear crisp and sleek when presented in any event space.

ü 100% Tailored Solutions

Promo Signs is best known for offering tailored solutions that take into account your company, target audience, and your services as a whole to ensure your event is a success.

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Looking for a high-quality curved fabric backdrop for your next Olympia exhibition in London? Promo Signs offers straight and curved tension fabric display services for commercial owners in and around London. If you are unsure which is the best fit for your Olympia exhibition needs, connect with the Promo Signs team. We will explain all you need to know about fabric backdrops so you can make an informed choice. Share the details of your fabric backdrop project, and we will even offer you a quote, free of charge!


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