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There are plenty of reasons to use outdoor signage, and when doing so there is one product in particular that is specifically designed for outdoor use – the mesh banner. Mesh Banner Printing London is especially useful for building wraps or scaffolding adverts, as the material itself is both lightweight and very strong and durable. This has a number of advantages for outdoor use. Firstly, a mesh banner is extremely resistant to weather, such as rain or snow. Secondly, the lightweight means that wind holes are unnecessary. These qualities make it ideal for outdoor use, along with the fact that a mesh banner is not only flame resistant, but very unlikely to suffer from tearing.

There is, however, even more that a mesh banner printing can offer. Given that almost any size can be printed, using a mesh banner to both cover a building undergoing renovation or construction work while working as an advert or marketing promotional tool kill two birds with one stone. If you are still working on your site for example, what better way to start generating interest as early as possible, along with predicted opening dates, while masking the behind the scenes work itself.


Mesh Banners Printing in London

Mesh Banner Printing Services

Mesh Banner Printing means we can add any kind of design, message or graphic that you require.

A brief overall summary of mesh banner printing might contain the following fundamentals, and these are useful to review and take on board if you are considering getting our professional team to design, print, and install a banner for your site.

  • Wind resistant without the need to cut holes
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable, tear resistant material with UV coating
  • Flame retardant
  • Low weight means large sizes are not a problem to print and install
  • Direct printing means that images keep crisp resolution, and are resistant to fading


GBP/sq.m. When order less then 10 sq.m GBP/sq.m. When order between then 11-100 sq.m GBP/sq.m. When order more then 100 sq.m
PVC MESH £24.00 £21.00 £13.00

The team at Promo Signs LTD have years of experience when it comes to mesh banner printing London, with our designs and products being used everywhere from business conferences to well known music festivals all across the country. We are also above to produce excellent quality banners to order, of any size, to fit your requirements. Our fantastic price scheme means you get maximum value for money, and that includes the expertise of our team who are there every step of the way, from design to final printing, to make sure you receive only the highest quality mesh banners for your needs.

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