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Enhance Privacy with Premium Window Frosting in Shoreditch

Glass windows and walls add a modern touch to your property, but they leave your private space unveiled for prying eyes. Our frosted window film acts as a semi-translucent barrier across glass surfaces, ensuring your privacy remains maintained.

Frosted windows offer a sleek and sophisticated finish, letting in plenty of natural light while also saving your private spaces from public view. To top it off, frosted glass films are ideal for use in a variety of settings: shop fronts, bars, office workspaces, restaurants or even your homes!

The Benefits of Our Glass Frosting Film

At Promo Signs, we are committed to transforming your windows with our high-quality frosted window film. We help enhance the look of your property, making it a cohesive part of your decor. Enjoy the many benefits our window frosting films are known for: 


Our frosted glass films are ideal for keeping your interior space private. They provide a semi-translucent, almost blurry barrier film over the glass that does not make the internal details of your space apparent, making it perfect for homes and offices.


You can customize the look of your frosted window film so it is partially or fully blurred and can also add your own design elements. We recommend adding your company logos, tag lines, motifs or any pattern of your choice to give your window frosting film a personalized finish. 

Temperature Regulation

Frosted windows are ideal for temperature control regulation and insulation. Frosted vinyl for windows helps reduce heat and incoming glare in the summers while cutting down the heat loss through the glass in the winters. 

Cost Effective

Our glass frosting films are highly cost-effective. We offer unbeatable price points, making our services perfect for small and large businesses. 

How is A Window Frosted Film Applied?

Frosting films are sized according to your glass surface and their surface patterns are customized according to your needs. Finally, the frosted window film is ready for installation; here is an overview of how it works: 

  • For installation, the glass surface must first be cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, grease and any lingering contaminants.
  • The frosted window film is then applied over the glass and positioned precisely. 
  • A squeegee is then used to eliminate any air bubbles that may be trapped underneath. 

Window frosting film installation should be left to the professionals. To ensure your project completes smoothly, we also offer professional film installation services to our clients. 

Enjoy Professional Installation Services for The Perfect Finish!

Why Choose Promo Signs?

Promo Signs is the trusted choice for glass frosting films across Shoreditch. For the past few years, we have helped design specialized film coatings for varying commercial windows and residential glass surfaces. Our expertise and proven experience in delivering quality films for various industries is what sets us apart. Whether you need to have your office walls tinted or wish to add a lovely graphic frosting film to your storefront, you can trust us for all your window frosting needs!

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We offer professional consultation services for your project that involve discussing your installation glass surface, the appropriate sizing and the design of your choice. We promise to deliver our customers durable, aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient products. 

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