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Custom-Printed Glass Manifestations and Window Frosting

Frosted glass films beautify plain glass while offering numerous functional benefits, provided they are high-quality. Our custom-printed glass manifestations can be used in various settings to ensure your privacy and safety while promoting your brand. We design and install glass manifestations across Soho for glass windows, doors, tables, cabinet doors and nearly all types of glass surfaces.

Our glass frosting films will create a translucent display that protects your privacy while letting in just the right amount of natural light. But that is not all our window frosting films will do; they will also improve the safety of people walking around and add a decorative element to your space.

Versatile & Professional Window Frosting!

Our window frosting films are versatile and highly flexible! They are ideal for use in offices, homes, shop fronts, hospitals, restaurants, clinics and shopping centres. Regardless of your application, we offer fully tailored services that suit your needs.

With our creative touch, we also customize the frosted window film to incorporate your unique motifs, logos or symbols that give them a decorative elegance.  From intricate details to bold designs and brand logos, we can do it all!

Stylized and Durable, Frosted Window Film That Will Last You for Years to Come!

Why Window Frosting Film by Promo Signs?


Our glass frosting services in Soho will give your office space the privacy it needs. The translucent film applied to the glass is perfect for use in meeting rooms, lobbies, individual work areas and any place you would like to ensure privacy.


We are the experts in designing high-quality glass manifestations in Soho. Our services will ensure your glass panels are clearly visible, preventing collisions and unwanted accidents on-site. Our glass manifestations will ensure the safety of your clients and employees.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Our professional window frosting films are much more than stickers for your glass. They are artfully created for aesthetic appearance, so they not only ensure your privacy but also enhance the look of your property.


Soho window frosting film services come at highly affordable price points. Frosted window films are much cheaper than sandblasted glass, making them ideal for small businesses, homes and smaller shops or cafes. Not to forget, our frosting films are known for their durable and reliable results!

Reduce UV Rays

Frosted windows help block out excess UV rays and glare, creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. In the summer, these glass films will block out excessive heat while retaining sufficient natural light. Our clients can further choose to adjust the opacity of the frosted window film so it can better meet their needs.

Promo Signs For Your Glass Manifestations

Our glass manifestations will give your property a beautiful, elevated,Window Frosting Soho professional appearance. We provide you with 100% tailored glass manifestations that not only promote your unique brand but also improve your property’s safety and privacy. Our team will ensure that all films are accurately sized and stylized according to your glass panels. It doesn’t end there. We will also assist in the final installation of your window frosting film for the best and most professional results.

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Promo Signs has helped countless property owners with frosted window film installations over the years, making us the most reputable choice across Soho. If you want to enhance your space’s privacy or safety, we can assist you with all your glass frosting needs. Connect with our team today to get started!

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